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exercise peace. [entries|friends|calendar]
exercise peace.

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LOCKED. [February 15th 2008 11:14 PM]

addicted to:   dance, urban outfitters, boots, milkshakes, starbucks, time-period movies, books, tube socks, track spikes, sundresses, fashion, oscar de la renta, youtube, d&g, italian vogue, icons, tennis, music, guitar, tunics, scarves, blistex, the rain, layering up on clothes, dance competitions, track, hurdles, italy, politics, democrats, the 2008 elections, reading magazines, designing, coloring, reading books, watching movies - lots and lots of movies, eyeliner, taking pictures, peace

music: adam and the ants, adult, air, alter ego, annie, the arcade fire, atomizer, the avalanches, avenue d, bangles, the beatles, beck, belle and sebastian, billie holiday, billy idol, bis, bjork, black strobe, bloc party,  blondie, the blood arm, blur, bob dylan, the boyfriends, the bravery, bright eyes, buzzcocks, cabaret voltaire, the caesars, the cars, casino v. japan, chicks on speed, the clash, the cure, the cranberries, cyndi lauper, def leopard, delta five, dinosaur jr., the distillers, divine, duran duran, electric six, elisa, eve six, the faint, feist, fleetwood mac, fiona apple, franz ferdinand, the freh kicks, frou frou, gang of four, garbage, the glimmers, goldfrapp, the gossip, grace jones, hot hot heat, the hong kong, human league, iggy pop, the honorary title, the hidden cameras, interpol, the jesus and mary chain, john lennon, johnny cash, kate bush, kill hannah, the killers, the kills, kings of leon, the kinks, the knife, LCD soundsystem, le tigre, the libertines, lou reed, louis XIV, madonna, the misshapes, metric, nancy sinatra, new order, nick drake, nico, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, pat benetar, pixies, the police, the postal service, the pretenders, prince, queen, the ramones, razorlight, the rolling stones, the ronettes, the shins, siouxsie, smashing pumpkins, the smiths, smoking popes, the stills, stone temple pilots, strawberry switchblade, the strokes, talk talk, tori amos, tracy and the plastics, vanity six, velvet underground, the verve, when in rome, the white stripes, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs

people: john f. kennedy, marie antoinette, kate moss, andy warhol, edie sedgwick, joe wright, andy roddick, mathias lauridsen, boyd holbrook, andrew cooper, jessica stam, sasha p., keira knightly, kate bosworth, sienna miller, bob dylan, capote, barak obama, mary kate olsen, louis XIV, king charles II, leonardo dicaprio, leonardo divinci, james franco, gwen stefani, hayden christensen, 

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